Our team

Matteo Cairoli

PRO Real Driver

Official Porsche works-driver for the World Endurance Championship and GT World Challenge, Matteo is one of the most promising talents on the motorsport panorama. Both in reality and sim racing, ”Matt” knows only one way to defeat the chronometer: pushing the right pedal to the metal! He is a fighter, fantastic team player and absolutely in love with every Porsche car, like he is with our team!

David Fumanelli

PRO Real Driver

Very fast, correct, humble and a perfect team player. ”Fuma” is a fundamental presence in our team, thanks to his great experience acquired F3, GP3 and Intercontinental GT championships. His technical advices as well as his professional approach to the events allow the Racing Line team to always aim for the top!

Stefano Chinappi

Driver | Team Manager

His main passions are motors, American sports, golf and women. Stefano married the Racing Line Motorsport project from the first day with great love and enthusiasm, taking care of the media part. His debut in official races dates back to November 2019. With ACC he discovered a “weakness” for endurance races and strengthened his platonic bond with the German cars.

Fabrizio Crestani

PRO Real Driver | Technical Support

Very experienced, super quick and a cleverness out of the ordinary: Fabrizio is one of the technical advisors of our team. Thanks to his setup hints and an incredible speed showed also in the sim racing world, Fabrizio is an essential element here At the moment he is managing the role of ”Race Technical Support”. His goal? Only the victory!

Tommaso Mosca

PRO Real Driver

Although his very young age (19), he already shows a veteran approach. He’s coming from the Porsche Carrera Cup, where he took several wins and now he’s going to work his way through the GT3 competitions that count. He really appreciates sim racing and he knows he can improve a lot thanks to the advices of the Racing Line staff. Hard worker and tireless when he needs to improve those few tenths left. He partcipates at the Redline endurance championship with the will of show hi capabilities among the PROs and, why not, becoming a sim racing star!

Daniele Floris

Driver | Social Media Manager

A lot of sympathy combined with a large dose of energy make Daniele Floris one of the most appreciated members within the team. The young driver from Latina has no particular preference for the car to drive; give it a means and it will take you to the limit. He also loves to stream and comment on the races with the rest of the community on his Twitch channel. In Racing Line Motorsport only since the beginning of the year, he has already achieved his first success in the Porsche Cup by Redline.

Davide Chiesa

Driver | Co-Founder

Take a Milanese, take him to London and give him a steering wheel: ladies and gentlemen, this is Davide Chiesa! Vintage 87, deputy director of a renowned British restaurant, is a driver with a capital D in his spare time. Coming from the F1 video game with several excellent results, he did not suffer the trauma of the transition to GT with Assetto Corsa Competizione. Co-founder of the team, “Dave Church” is currently registered in two championships and takes part in the EsportSeries Championship on Lamborghini.

Kevin Siclari


From Calabria he took tenacity, from France he obtained elegance. Kevin Siclari is a mix of talent and stubbornness that makes him a well-known and appreciated pilot on the world stage. Born in 1993, a great knowledge of the motorsport world, Siclari brings the experience of international victories on GTR, Automobilista and RFactor to Racing Line Motorsport. But once he turned on Assetto Corsa Competizione he never went back: he participates in the Group 1 Elite of the Redline Championship with remarkable results.

Giorgio Raimondi


The Rainmaster. When he sees the rain he transforms like a lion chasing prey, but he is no less on dry. Behind the relaxed face of Giorgio Raimondi lies the soul of the true driver, who does not give up an inch both in duels and during hot laps. He loves racing online with other Racing Liners and always tries to experience all the championships on the calendar. What can I say, daredevil!


Giuseppe Montalbano


Driver with a capital D; both in reality and in sim racing. When he sees a circuit, Giuseppe takes his helmet and turns into “The Commissioner”, whether behind a screen or a real car! His resume in real races boasts 3 seasons in the TCR, 2 in the Clio Cup and as many in the 125 Rotax Challenge. In the world of sim racing he competed in the GT Sport world championship and many authoritative national championships. Experience and speed are not lacking, qualities that can only help the team in its path of growth and development.

Sergio Suardi

Driver | Academy Coach

Charming and enchanting. A “viveur” of motorsport. The Racing Line Motorsport engineer takes the form of Sergio Suardi AKA Radius. The Bergamo native, a true tennis and alpine skiing enthusiast, loves to try his hand in the car “for others”. Exemplary team man, he is always available to team mates in case of setup problems thanks to decades of experience with Motec. He fully embraced the RLM project which he has been part of since day one.


Alessandro Porta


Since its birth, back in May 7, 1993, its DNA was conquered by the motorsport geniuses. Love for four wheels flows in Alessandro Porta’s blood and this passion did not go unnoticed when he joined the Racing Line Motorsport. He worked in the racing sector since 2014, while in sim racing he made his debut in June 2019 with Assetto Corsa Competizione. Ah, we almost forgot: it was born a stone’s throw from a certain Monza racetrack. We see that it is destiny!

Jan Onorati

Driver | Team Manager

“If you feel the car perfectly under control, it means you’re not going fast enough!” This aphorism perfectly encompasses Jan Onorati’s thought in sim racing. Born in Germany in Wuppertal and currently residing in Prato, Onorati is an exquisite addition to the Racing Line Motorsport. In Jan’s DNA there is determination to sell, a lot of speed and a continuous desire to learn; the ideal profile for each team!


Samuel Ratz


Quick, leathery and methodical. Samuel Ratz is the talent that no team manager should miss. Currently engaged in the Elite Redline and AOR championships, the German driver has already secured the affection of the team thanks to his kind manners and that determination that would make our companions fall in love too. Her first love? A redhead. Italian, or rather Emilian. From Maranello.

Troy Barman


Detached, calculating, very consistent with the race pace and super fast; directly from Columbus, Ohio, Troy has a great experience in the sim racing world, developed as teammate of Kevin Siclari. He doesn’t love to be at the centre of the attention, he preferes to let the track demonstrate his value. Let’s say that he has an intriguing feeling with the clock hands; a true love that sees him always triumph


Igor Zanella

Driver | Webmaster

He is the team fighter. Igor Zanella loves to fight, in the ring and on the track, especially since he set his eyes on Assetto Corsa in 2018. The Treviso driver, during his young career, has already sown important results as a top 5 in the LMP1 championship by DrivingItalia and qualification to Group 2 PRO of the Redline Championship on ACC. Attention, he is a very rampant horse given his weakness for Ferrari…

Mirko Pomidori

Driver | Co-Founder

If all roads lead to Rome, those of Racing Line Motorsport merge into Mirko Pomidori. The Bolognese driver is the soul and core of the community, alongside Davide Chiesa, can take advantage of a vast knowledge in the field of mechanics thanks to adolescent experiences. Generous, eccentric, leader: many adjectives, one person: Mirko Pomidori. Setups problems, a tip or desire to drift? Be on the safe side with him. Always!

Marco Macrì


The passion for motors runs through his veins from birth thanks to the mechanical dad. Marco Macrì at the age of 18 already has clear ideas: to become a sound technician and play endurance races defending the colors of Racing Line Motorsport. He has a particular “weakness” for the BMW M6 GT3, looking forward to the future M4 GT3. His debut in sim racing took place in 2018 with Assetto Corsa, but he started to get serious from the day he purchased the sueccessor. His main skills: very fast and remarkably sensitive to every detail in the development of the setups.

Mario Polizzi

Driver | Academy Coach

His love for the team is unrivaled. In fact, he dedicates most of his free time to managing servers and the community. In addition, he has a depth knowledge of setups and the secrets of each car. Mario Polizzi is the Neapolitan soul of the team; ask, and he will give you all his technical know-how. He loves Monza, on the track he is a tightrope walker!

Cristian Bianchi

Driver | Social Media Manager

Cristian reminds us of Daniel Ricciardo: sympathy, ready wit and formidable speed! He usually race with Porsche, but he loves to challenge himself with all the cars available. His main passions are videomaking and rallys… Maybe one day we will dedicate to gravel competitions… and we would already have an ace!

Marco Veronesi

Academy Driver

360 ° sportsman with a professional past between football and alpine skiing. But nothing can beat his passion for motorsport. Exemplary team mate, Marco Veronesi discovers the sim racing on Gran Turismo and Project Cars, they follow their careers on F1 2018/19, finally from September the landing in the ACC world. First participation in an official championship and immediately the arrival in Tier 3 of Redline Motorsport Season 2: Marco has so much potential that could be even sold


Andrea Santoro

Driver | Webmaster

Pilot and webmaster: Andrea professionally covers two important roles within the team. Proficient in computer science as fast as on the track, “Dedo” is a crystalline talent that never ceases to amaze. Endurance racing is his highlight and don’t say no when he asks you to drive a Porsche!

Samuele Maestroni

Social Media Manager

Social media expert and motorsport passionate, from the karts to the Japanese Superformula. Samuele is linked to the team thanks to the frienship with Stefano Chinappi and they collaborated at the ambitious project ”Intothecorner”. He delights us with his graphic works and his journalism, but his heart is for Japan, in the cockpit of a mighty Super GT. Don’t belive me? At the moment he manages an Instagram page ”Japan Racing World”! Dream ”Maestro” dream, because that day could arrive soon!

Emanuele Franca

Driver | Technical Support

Precise, determined, always on the hunt for that detail that makes the car go 1 tenth faster: Emanuele, the current “brain” of the Racing Department, does not accept compromises. Winning is the first and only goal he asks form the drivers. Motec expert and technical collaborator in a Formula 3 team, Franca has made a significant contribution to the professional growth of Racing Line Motorsport.

Marco Romani


Romano DOC. Always positive and a true gentleman. Racing Line Motorsport owe a lot to Marco Romani, a driver with a always warm right foot but also a leader with a golden heart who can keep the team united in the most difficult moments. Born in ’63, his debut in sim racing dates back to IRacing with which he has collected many important results. Her first love? No, it’s not the wife. It’s called Porsche and “lives” in Stoccarda.


Giacomo Proietti


The passion for sim racing is a gift that has accompanied Giacomo Proietti since adolescence. The pilot born in Spoleto and currently residing in Verbania for work, made his debut on rFactor back in 2008 and has never stopped since. He married the Racing Line project from day one and currently defends the team’s colors in the AOR and Redline championships.

Enrico Truglio

Academy Driver

Catanese like the famous Italian detective ”Giuseppe Montalbano”, Enrico has a lot of qualities: he can drive well, he is a very good commentator and he is a valid expert of IT. He is in our team since day one and he is an essential part of our team. The game that attract him the most is Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Raoul Torri

Academy Driver

He lives in sport and loves spending days at the Monza circuit, practically a stone’s throw from his home. Raoul Torri is a boy who prefer bread and motorsport for breakfast, since he turned on his new PC, he prefers to spend it between curbs and asphalt. His debut in sim racing dates back to 2017 and can boast numerous successes on F1 2018 in various national championships. From the end of 2019 he leaves the single-seaters and dedicates himself to GT cars thanks to ACC; with Racing Line Motorsport he is ready to take off many satisfactions!

Paolo Serravalle


His passion for engines takes on technical nuances. When not competing in championships, Paolo prefers to spend hours and hours looking for the ideal setup for himself and his companions. Strong personality with a strong pragmatic verve: Paolo Serravalle is much more than a pilot. It is an indispensable element of Racing Line Motorsport.


Daniele Palmucci

Academy Driver

Assetto Corsa and F1 by Codemasters forged it. Assetto Corsa Competizione completes it. Daniele knows the world of sim racing well and does not just participate in the championships. His determination pleases and his right foot makes him fall in love. He is in the team to become the protagonist; don’t lose sight of it eh!

Silvano Brigatti

Academy Driver

He defines himself as “grandfather”, for the team he is a super charming boy! Silvano AKA “Penna Bianca”, fanatic racing car collector with experience in the Peugeot world, is a member of fundamental importance for Racing Line Motorsport; sympathy, wisdom, speed. Three elements that make Mister Brigatti a team pride. We could not do without him!